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    Question: for the first time on the site, where should I start?
    Answer: first you need to start by acquaintance with the right product, most often people buy something without reading the description and in particular the technical characteristics of a particular product, and as a consequence, after the purchase, many questions may arise. To avoid this, carefully study the page with the product you need, as well as technical specifications, they are placed on a separate page: CLICK HERE

    Question: how to make a purchase?
    Answer: everything is simple, go Here , find the product you need, and press the button with the price tag, then you will be redirected to the purchase page, then follow the instructions that will be registered there. Pay attention also that when paying through different payment systems, key delivery can also be done in different ways, you can not worry about it if you successfully paid the key will be delivered to you.

    Question: the key is bought, what’s next?
    Answer: You have to create an account here, then you will be able to see Private Forum Topic, where you can download the loader and instructions. Allways join our DISCORD for live Support.

    Question: what to do first of all before launching the loader and the purchased product?
    Answer: Join our discord if its you’re 1st time cheating, we will help you out with the setup.

    Question: do you have free products, how to use them?
    Answer: No, we dont have free products

    Question: forgot the password from the account, or login, or do not remember anything, what to do?
    Answer: Join our discord and explain the situation

    Question: I got an error related to “HWID”, what should I do?
    Answer: apparently you have a new PC, or new components, then it’s enough to leave an application for resetting the HWID binding, our specialists will promptly help you, join our discord and open a support ticket.

    Question: is something done under the order?
    Answer: no

    Question: are trial versions available?
    Answer: no

    Question: do products provide protection against ban by 100%?
    Answer: no, it’s impossible, sooner or later there will always be product detection, that’s why we do not recommend using products on the main accounts, only play on accounts that will not be a pity to lose. Also we want to note that if other providers guarantee 100% protection from the ban, these are scammers, do not pay attention to such tempting offers.

    Question: I want a refund, I did not like your product (or any other reason), what should I do?
    Answer: we do not make returns, they are possible only if technical support is convinced that the product purchased from us is not fully operational on your PC.

    Question: what happens when you update the game and when to wait for the update?
    Answer: usually the product is immediately frozen and goes to an update, usually the update takes place on the same day, but if it does not, then usually within 1-5 days. If the timing becomes longer, there are temporary difficulties. But this does not mean that the product will not be updated more, on the contrary, it is being actively worked on to return to normal operating status as soon as possible.

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