Mad Chad


Here’s why Mad Chad is different.

We, unlike our competition, focus solely on one game. Escape From Tarkov.

Our products have been extensively tested prior to customer purchase. We have come up with our own user manuals and dedicated them to PDF.

If requested, I would be more than happy to showcase our products in our DISCORD, so you can see firsthand how they operate.

Status updates on all of our products are prompt so that way we can ensure the longevity of our customer’s accounts.

The history of EFT and AntiCheat:

When I began playing Escape From Tarkov there were only 4 maps available: Factory, Woods, Shoreline, and Customs.

During that time, you could wipe entire lobbies with cheats and not worry about bans. Unfortunately now, that is no longer the case.

BattleStateGames has nearly tripled their BattleEye budget since 2020! This means that the type of cheats we provide are hand-picked based on exclusivity. We do our best to avoid all mainstream cheats you would find on a Google search because those are the cheats that draw the most attention from BattleEye. (They buy the cheat and analyze it, so they can flag it for use and ban accounts utilizing such cheats)

Unlike other sellers, we monitor our cheats and put our customers first. Your account safety is our priority.

You can be assured that any product we provide to you, I use on my own account.


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Magic/silent bullet through walls, no recoil/spread/sway, thick bullets and so much more!

HWID Spoofer

As with every cheat of ours. All your hardware components (disk, network, motherboard, RAM etc.) are fully spoofed, a real money saver!


Highly configurable player and item ESP. See everything about players and display items just how you like!


Hidden in all recording software such as OBS.


Highly configurable hardware emulated aimbot (100% undetectable!), with visibility checks and a smart bone scan. You can set humanized smoothing or just straight up rage with it. Setup multiple aim key configurations so you can handle every situation!

EFT Carries

How it Works?

– You choose what map we go into.
– The carrier kills everyone on the map.
– Carrier calls out all dead bodies.
– Carrier picks up all high valued items around the map and then you extract.

What you recieve?

– Trusted and Secure Services.
– Good Carriers.
– Insane loot for Cheap Prices.
– Over 2 Million+ Per Raid

Carry Prices

– 1 Carry | 10$
– 5 Carries | 50$
– 10 Carries | 90$


– Bring a Friend | 3$ | Per Friend.

Why Choose Mad Chad?


While we have a public community, you can also be part of our private community with the most exclusive cheats and exploits for existing cheats we have.

Full Compensation

100% guaranteed to always play with an undetected cheat for the full extend of your subscription.

Virtualization Technology

Utilizing Intel Virtualization to bring you the best security possible, giving us an upper hand against the Anti-Cheat.

Dedicated Support

We believe that the only way to success is to make support the biggest priority!

Frequent Updates

Every week we bring multiple updates and new features to our existing cheats and are quick to release upcoming cheats.


A nice and cozy community and if you are inside our private community as well you will never want to leave again.
A password will be emailed to you.